• About Us

Binary Star has an experienced multidisciplinary team that is dedicated to providing industrial and academic customers with high-quality data and customer service. We provide ideas and solutions with quick and inexpensive access to state-of-the-art computational tools for various projects including:

–       Pipeline for small molecule drug discovery
–       Hit identification
–       Homology modeling
–       Ligand-based drug design
–       Structure-based drug design
–       Fragment-based drug design
–       Molecular dynamic simulations
–       Accurate binding affinity prediction.
–       Drug repurposing
–       ADMET prediction
–        QSAR
–       Computational peptide services
–       Antibody drug discovery
–       Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science
–      General computational chemistry services

Along with computational biology and chemistry services, we also offer partnership with Binarystar’s wetlab team for drug discovery services such as synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, assay development, biophysical assay, biomedical assay and …

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