• Target Identification

Homology Modeling

Protein modeling plays a significant role in the drug discovery process. The goal of homology modeling is structure prediction from a known sequence with accuracy comparable to experimentally resolved structures. Homology modeling is a strong competency at Binary star. We offer homology modeling service to predict the secondary and tertiary structures of target proteins. Our professional team has extensive experience in conformational prediction, protein modeling, and protein properties mining. Our homology modeling tools are full scope with high integration, which make Binary star superior to other competitors in the field.

Structure Validation

Experimentally determined structures of targets (e.g., proteins, DNA, RNA) are usually accessible from sources such as RSCB protein data bank (PDB). However, these experimentally determined structures need to
be carefully prepared and validated for molecular modeling and simulations. Target preparation includes modeling of missing loops and atoms, minimizing steric clashes, protonation of titratable residues, optimizing hydrogen bonding networks, and more.